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The Submittal Process

The submittal process in the metal roof and standing seam industry is a crucial step that involves the formal submission of documents and information related to a project. This process ensures that all relevant parties, including architects, contractors, and project owners, have the necessary details to review, approve, and proceed with the installation of metal roof systems, especially standing seam roofs. Here's a general overview of what the submittal process looks like in this industry:

1. Preparation of Submittal Package:

- The contractor or subcontractor responsible for the metal roof installation prepares a comprehensive submittal package. This package typically includes detailed drawings, product data, samples, and any other required documentation specified in the project specifications.

2. Review by Design Professionals:

- The submittal package is submitted to the design professionals, including architects and engineers, for review. They assess whether the proposed metal roof system aligns with the project requirements, specifications, and design intent.

3. Approval Process:

- Design professionals review the submittal package and either approve it, request modifications, or reject it if it doesn't meet the specified standards. Any required modifications are communicated back to the contractor for revision.

4. Coordination with Manufacturers:

- The contractor often collaborates with metal roof system manufacturers to ensure that the proposed materials and systems meet industry standards and specifications. Product data and samples may be provided by the manufacturer as part of the submittal package.

5. Project-Specific Details:

- Submittals for standing seam metal roofs may include specific details such as panel profiles, seam types, material specifications, finish options, and attachment methods. These details are critical for achieving the desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.

6. Compliance Verification:

- The submittal process is also a verification step to ensure that the proposed metal roof system complies with relevant industry standards, building codes, and any project-specific requirements. This includes factors such as wind uplift resistance, fire ratings, and environmental considerations.

7. Client Approval:

- Once design professionals approve the submittal package, it may be presented to the project owner or client for final approval. Client approval ensures that the proposed metal roof aligns with their expectations and design preferences.

8. Record Keeping:

- All approved submittals and related documentation are typically recorded and maintained for reference throughout the project. This record-keeping is essential for accountability, quality control, and future reference.

9. Construction Phase Implementation:

- With approved submittals in hand, the contractor proceeds with the installation of the metal roof system, following the specifications and details outlined in the approved documents.

10. Closeout Documentation:

- Upon completion of the project, closeout documentation may include a final submittal log, as-built drawings, and any additional information required for the project record.

Overall, the submittal process in the metal roof and standing seam industry is a systematic approach to ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned, and the project progresses smoothly with the right materials, methods, and specifications in place.

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