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When should I get an ES-1 Certified Product?

Obtaining an ES-1 certified product is advisable when you are involved in the design, specification, or installation of low-sloped roofs and want to ensure optimal roof edge safety. Here are specific scenarios in which obtaining an ES-1 certified product is highly recommended:

1. New Roof Installations: When undertaking new roof installations, especially those with low-sloped designs, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Using ES-1 certified products ensures that the roof edge materials meet the standardized requirements for wind resistance, as outlined in the ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Roof Edge Standard.

2. Roof Replacement Projects: If you are replacing an existing roof, consider incorporating ES-1 certified products into the project. This ensures that the new roof assembly maintains the highest standards of safety and performance in terms of wind uplift pressures on components and cladding.

3. Adherence to Building Codes: Many building codes, including the International Building Code (IBC), mandate the use of ANSI/SPRI ES-1 certified products for low-slope roof systems' edge metal flashing. To comply with regulatory requirements and enhance the overall safety of the structure, opting for ES-1 certified products is a prudent choice.

4. Enhanced Wind Resistance Requirements: In regions prone to high winds or where specific wind resistance requirements are crucial, choosing ES-1 certified products becomes essential. These products are designed and tested to resist wind loads according to standardized methods, providing an added layer of protection against extreme weather conditions.

5. Insurance and Risk Mitigation: If your project involves insurance considerations, using ES-1 certified products can be beneficial. While Factory Mutual (FM) certification is often associated with insurance standards, ES-1 certification ensures that the roof edge materials comply with industry-recognized wind resistance criteria.

6. Industry Best Practices: ES-1 certification has become a benchmark for industry best practices in roofing. Choosing ES-1 certified products reflects a commitment to quality and safety, aligning your project with widely accepted standards and ensuring compatibility with various roofing assemblies, including gutters.

In summary, obtaining an ES-1 certified product is recommended whenever you prioritize safety, compliance with building codes, and adherence to industry best practices in roofing. Whether you are working on a new roof installation, replacement project, or addressing specific wind resistance requirements, opting for ES-1 certified products contributes to the overall success and longevity of the roofing system.


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